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Peter von Siemens (1937 – 2021)

Peter von Siemens

Peter von Siemens was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1937 and grew up in Argentina. From 1962 onwards, Peter von Siemens, great-great-grandson of the company's founder Werner von Siemens, worked for the AG in various international functions, most recently as a member of the Managing Board. In 1993 he was elected to the Supervisory Board, where he represented the founding family of Siemens until 2008. Peter von Siemens was an honorary senator of the Technical University of Munich and a member of numerous foundation boards and committees, including the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation, the Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation and the Werner Siemens Foundation. After many years on the Board of Trustees of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, he was its honorary member until his death on 11 December 2021. Peter von Siemens had been married to Bettina von Siemens since 1966. The couple has four children.