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Ensemble Asambura

Commission to Ehsan Ebrahimi

Asambura, Hanover (DE)

With his cycle POLYpontes, the composer Ehsan Ebrahimi builds artistic bridges not only between Persian and European music, but also moves in the field of tension between traditional and contemporary music as well as historical and modern instrumentation and acoustic and electronic music in search of new ways of mediating between these poles. The composition POLYpontes is commissioned by the Asambura Association for Musical-Intercultural Exchange and is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

In POLYpontes, Ehsan Ebrahimi combines historical instruments such as the lute or santur with newer instruments such as the bass clarinet, combining acoustic and electronic techniques that are understood as complementing and enriching the acoustic and enabling sounds that cannot be produced with mechanical instruments. Visual and acoustic sensory impressions mix, run side by side, intertwine or form contrasts with each other.

The cycle will be interpreted by the Asambura Ensemble, which is in search of new forms of encounter between musical traditions of different cultures and epochs. Actors from other art forms shape the interdisciplinary, broad understanding of the term POLYpontes, which describes the connection of different poles through artistic bridges: choreographed light art, direction for the recording of the electro-acoustic elements on site as well as audiovisual accompaniment by a film team producing a video documentary about POLYpontes are elementary components of Ehsan Ebrahimi's cycle, just like the music. The different strands do not run separately alongside each other, but together form something new that is not limited to the purely artistic, but also leads to an understanding of the respective other culture. Through this, differences and similarities come to light, both of which find equal justification in the cycle.

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August 13, 2023
Martin Luther Church Ahlem, Hanover