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Ivan Fedele

Commission to Ivan Fedele

Accroche Note, Strasbourg (FR)

A compilation of Japanese poems (haikus) is the basis for Ivan Fedele's composition of musical aphorisms for ensemble (female voice, bass clarinet, cello and percussion). A first part (Spring Haïku, 2015 and Winter Haïku, 2021) was created by Ensemble Accroche Note, an ensemble around Françoise Kubler (soprano) and Armand Angster (clarinetist). The commission of Ivan Fedele for Accroche Note is a continuation of this larger project, which will also include haikus for the other seasons.

Ivan Fedele's work is characterized by a constant interplay between principles of organization and freedom, perceptible forms and richness of writing. He reflects on archetypes and has a close relationship with the history of music, which he combines with new writing techniques and technological innovations.

The commission to Ivan Fedele for Accroche Note is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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July 5, 2024
Rencontres d'Eté de Musique de Chambre, Strasbourg

July 20, 2024
Festival de Musique de Belle Ile

September 20, 2024
Urticanti festival, Bari

December 15, 2024
Nuova Consonanza, Rome