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Five Commissions

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (DE)

"Europe is always both myth and utopia. [...] Perhaps the ancient form of the poem, which goes back to mythical times is not the worst means to determine at which point of the way towards an ideal Europe we find ourselves. Perhaps it is in the poem, this by no means outmoded piece of linguistic art, that the present fears, hopes, expectations, tensions of Europe can become visible as if under a burning glass..." says Jan Wagner, who advised the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart artistically in the selection of the poets.

With POETRY AFFAIRS, the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart continue their cross-genre projects and address the myth and utopia of Europe in the encounter of poetry, composition and vocal art. Five poets and five composers from ten different countries/regions of Europe represent the diversity and linguistic variety of the continent and show from different perspectives of poetry and composition the language with its semantic and tonal characteristics as well as its possibilities of differentiation and nuance. The focus is on the different expressive needs of European cultures. The goal is an encounter of the various arts on an equal level with all thematic freedom, the possibility of individual artistic development in the context of shared experience, mutual attention and willingness to learn: an illuminating kaleidoscope of different positions, longings, expectations and interpretations in order to come a little closer to the utopia of Europe.

The composition commissions to Georgia Koumará, Gemma Ragués Pujol, Dariya Maminova, Severin Dornier and Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari are funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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February 4, 2024
Theaterhaus Stuttgart