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Three Commissions

Galerie St. Barbara – Osterfestival Tirol (AT)

The Osterfestival Tirol begins during Lent and ends on Easter Sunday, so it is connected with the religious festival that forms one of the focal points. This is shaped, among other things, by Passion music from the various epochs, with the focus on the Renaissance and the Baroque. A festival in the 21st century has the task of taking a critical look at tradition. Therefore, the Osterfestival Tirol began in 2021 to set additional musical counterpoints through commissioned works in addition to performative positions. This year there are several points of reference: The first is the requiem mass by the Portuguese composer Manuel Cardoso – it is a source of musical inspiration and serves as a possible specification in terms of instrumentation. In addition, the performance date, Holy Saturday, clearly refers to the Passion. The instrumentation is also fixed: accordion, double bass, double bass clarinet. Some of the instruments' timbres are an ideal counterpoint to Cardoso's Requiem.

How the three premières view the theme of the Passion or the Mass for the Dead, which text is used, whether the approach is secular or religious, whether the focus is on suffering or devotion, remains open. How do they see Passion today? How can music become part of or an interlude in a religious work? There are many questions that arise. Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis, Daniela Terranova and Beat Furrer will find their own ways in collaboration with the six singers and two musicians. The three commissions are supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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April 8, 2023
Salzlager, Hall in Tyrol