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cresc...2024 Biennale for contemporary music

Deutsche Ensemble Akademie e.V. (DE)

cresc… 2024 is dedicated to the subject of STRING FIGURES, featuring new compositions and thematically related music and artistic formats. String figures become a source of inspiration for current musical contributions, joint playfulness and the creative process of creating and experiencing.

For the seventh time now, the festival will involve the venues of Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Main region and brings together the region's cultural institutions: the Ensemble Modern and the hr-Sinfonieorchester with the hr-Bigband and the International Ensemble Modern Academy.
Once again, the focus is on the combination of contemporary music, other art forms and relevant philosophical, socio-political and aesthetic discourses as the thematic impetus at the centre of the festival. 

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports the festival.

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February 1625,  2024
Rhine Main region