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Frequenz_Festival 2024

Kiel (DE)

FREQUENZ is an annual festival for contemporary experimental music, performance and audiovisual art in Kiel. In addition to the main evening concerts by renowned ensembles from the field of contemporary “serious” music and electronic music beyond pop culture, the focus is also on smaller formations and installations, which are presented in a wide variety of locations and public spaces in the city over the course of the festival. The festival aims to overcome the strict separation between artists and audience and bring both spheres together on different levels. Due to Kiel's historical and geographical proximity to Scandinavia, the festival offers the opportunity to present extremely interesting works from this region in Germany and to develop new projects together with festivals and institutions from Scandinavia.

The diversity and interactive possibilities of contemporary music and audiovisual art are to be communicated to the widest possible audience and access to the genre is to be facilitated. To this end, the programmatic focus is on the works of the young generation of composers, who have succeeded in setting new aesthetic and thematic priorities, especially in the last decade, which are characterized by a turn towards the political and social concerns of the individual.

In order to make the festival accessible to as wide an audience as possible, free events are offered and local artists and institutions are involved in works by interesting young composers from the German scene. The events take place in local venues and public spaces. In addition to the inclusion of Scandinavian artists, a special feature of FREQUENZ is its focus on digital and audio-visual sound art and installations in public spaces. It thus provides a special insight into the latest developments in multimedia art. The Frequenz_Festival 2024 is supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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May 24 – 31, 2024
Various locations, Kiel