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Gibanja (Motions) – An Experimental Sound Event

KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Zagreb (HR)

Gibanja (Motions) is an international experimental sound event in Zagreb, Croatia. It started in 2021 as a small but forward-looking and proactive festival of experimental music. It aims to present contemporary music trends, prominent and relevant musicians, composers and sound artists from Croatia and abroad, and to create space for young and emerging musicians and artists. Gibanja strives to pursue, seek and present approaches by avant-garde composers, significant research in the field of sound art, acoustics and electroacoustics as well as audiovisual creation.

New technologies in particular, the further development of loudspeaker systems in combination with software for sound manipulation and spatialisation in electronic sound dissemination have contributed significantly to the development of spatial sound composition. Multi-channel compositions, site-specific sound art works, sound experiments of various kinds and forms, lectures and workshops, audiovisual projects and concerts by future-oriented musicians form the core of Gibanja's progressive programme. The festival understands and appreciates the poetic diversity and different approaches in the field of contemporary music today. It is neither genre nor style specific, but stands out from the mainstream, moves away from the traditional approach and is oriented towards the future and new artistic ideas. The participants often create immersive experiences that change the way of listening and the audience's perception of sound and space: Sound Space and Sound in Space. These exciting and topical works push the boundaries of listening, enrich our auditory perception and create new, unexplored avenues of music(s).

Workshops and a discursive programme are also an important part of the festival: musicological contextualisation through artist talks, introductory lectures, talks and round tables. Gibanja 2023 is supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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October 18 – November 11, 2023