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Diversity and New Music

Deutscher Musikrat, Bonn (DE)

The increased number of ensembles founded in recent years has noticeably revitalised the new music scene. On the other hand, these foundations have created a new need for information and advice as well as support, especially in administrative and financial terms, which has been or is only inadequately covered by academic training and previous funding instruments. The Podium Gegenwart of the Deutscher Musikrat is organising a symposium in Berlin on current topics of the ensemble landscape in the contemporary music scene in Germany. The programme is complemented by thematically related concerts. The symposium and the concerts are made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

There will be discussion panels and more open formats such as workshops on topics that concern young ensembles in particular in various areas of their work, linked by the overarching, socially highly relevant theme of diversity. Partial aspects such as the diversification of concert programmes and formats, addressing a more diverse audience or diversity standards in the German funding landscape will be dealt with. But fundamental questions will also be addressed: Questions of funding and promotion, concert acquisition, placement in a competitive market, new artistic identities, the impact of digitalisation and the pandemic on the work of ensembles or the position of new music in the classical music business.

The event will also provide a forum for exchange between ensembles, cultural politicians and organisers from all over Germany. The concert sections will be integrated into the symposium's programme in a theme-related manner to enable interaction between theory and practice. The performers are up-and-coming formations that offer a glimpse of the young ensemble scene in Germany. Concert programmes will include multimedia works by Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz and Rachel C. Walker.

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September 27 and 28, 2023
Villa Elisabeth, Berlin