Closing concert with the Ensemble Modern

Villa Massimo, Rom, Italy

As is already the tradition, the closing concert supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, held every year on the stage of the large hall at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, forms the final and highpoint of the annual musical activities of the German academy in Rome, the Villa Massimo. Concert conception comes care of Villa Massimo Director Joachim Blüher in close collaboration with Roland Diry, Managing Director of the Ensemble Modern, and Nicola Sani, President of the Scelsi Foundation and artistic advisor to the Director General at Bologna opera. Compositions of the music grant recipients at Villa Massimo – in 2013 Birke Jasmin Bertelsmeier and Stefan Johannes Hanke – which are predominantly written during the scholarship year in Rome, are brought into contact here with pieces by major composers from various creative eras. Thus, the concert creates an extraordinary opportunity to follow music history developments right up to the present day, to generate tonal references and thereby arrive at a deeper understanding of the individual pieces. The program line-up will therefore propose a juxtaposition of German and Italian compositions in the sphere of "topical" contemporary and "classical" contemporary music and add a classical point of reference with the likes of Beethoven, Bach or Mozart. Concert-goers will be able to grasp this musical timeframe, not least thanks to a musicological introduction by Nicola Sani. Villa Massimo grant recipients will form the focus of the concert. They are Germany’s emerging composers and their works will be included in a program featuring pieces by major German composers like Lachenmann, Rihm, Zender as well as on the Italian side Sciarrino, Scelsi etc.

December 2013
Villa Massimo, Rome, Italy

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