Cantio – Music theater by Vykintas Baltakas

Festival Ultraschall, Berlin, Germany

After the great acclaim of its 2004 debut performance at the Munich Biennale Vykintas Baltakas’ successful music theater Cantio was performed for the first time in German in January 2013 at the Ultraschall festival in Berlin with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. What happens if we are abandoned by all the good spirits, by the gods? Where might they go? Where would the journey end? How far does our imagination reach? With his opera Cantio Vykintas Baltakas has provided an amusing and at the same time profound exploration of these issues by allowing the orator of antiquity Psel – a blend of mythical creature and cicada – to encounter modern-day protagonists who (un)willingly join her rhetorical journey and thereby become witnesses to an imaginary adventure that ultimately carries them away. The musical theater after a text by Sharon Joyce is for speaking voice, soprano, tenor, bass baritone, ensemble and electronics. The piece was conducted by Symeon Ioannidis and directed by Cornelia Heger.

January 17, 2013 
Festival Ultraschall, Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany

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