Toward the Inside: Voices of Contemporary Music

Sound Icon, Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA

There is nothing more intimate and affecting than the human voice. The voice comes from inside us and crosses the threshold of sound to express out loud the profound and the mundane, the urgent and the private. This inner voice can come through as speech or as song, or it can be expressed through music. The latter, using others as a mouthpiece, is no less articulate than the human voice – what it articulates best is far beyond words, coming from deep within and reaching toward the inside of us. Sound Icon explores this aspect of the human voice with the 2013 Concert Series, which is supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. It includes performances of works by Gérard Grisey, Philippe Leroux and Salvatore Sciarrino. To complement these pieces for voice are works by Mark André, Georg Friedrich Haas and Fausto Romitelli that are purely instrumental. 

February – November 2013
Boston, USA

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