Vienna Jeunesse Choir and Chamber Choir, Austria

Vienna’s Jeunesse Chamber Choir – the soloist ensemble of Vienna’s Jeunesse Choir – has been led by Ajtony Csaba since 2008. After 40 years in the oratory choir repertoire, to now position the choir in the performance practice of New Music the ensemble holds concerts in the form of a 16-part vocal ensemble.
In cooperation with the IGNM the Viennese Jeunesse Chamber Choir is holding a composition competition for 16-voice vocal ensemble. The international jury – consisting of Steven Takasugi, Vykintas Baltakas, Bruno Strobl, Irene Suchy and Ajtony Csaba – has selected eight compositions in the categories Nonsense, Vocal Musical Theater and "Spiritual (Non-Liturgical) Music" that provide an overview of the current compositional, conceptual and aesthetic approaches here. The concert will be held on February 23, 2013 in the large recording studio (Großer Sendesaal) of the broadcaster ORF and will go out on air as part of the "ZeitTon" program. The notion of vocal musical theater will also determine the sequence of the performance – in a series of 3 blocks the six compositions by Mirela Ivicevic, Samuel Gryllus, Dániel Péter Bíró, Ying Wang, Brian Harman and Ansgar Beste will be performed in the form of a staged concert. 

February 23, 2013
Großer Sendesaal, Radiokulturhaus Vienna, Austria

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