Mark Barden: Monoliths

Mark Barden’s work represents a staging of the failures that occur just before and just beyond the limits of what the body can hear and what it can enact, but where the failure itself is always palpable. The sounds of this music are, by turns, dense, visceral, and febrile; the tangibility of the performer’s loss of precise physical control is mirrored in the listening experience. The listener senses, just barely, a loss of themselves in this moment of shared vulnerability.


1. a tearing of vision (2012) 10:55
  Ensemble intercontemporain, conductor: Cornelius Meister  
2. Chamber (2006/2007) 11:20
  Mark Barden, Stefan Maier, Max Murray  
3. Alam [Schmerz] (2011) 11:35
  Klangforum Wien, conductor: Andreas Eberle  
4. flesh|veil (2012) 12:55
  Klangforum Wien, conductor: Andreas Eberle  
5. die Haut Anderer (2008) 11:41
  Nicolas Hodges  
6.–10. Monoliths I–V (2014) 10:32
  KNM Berlin  

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