Birke J. Bertelsmeier: folklich

If one wanted to characterize the music of Birke J. Bertelsmeier, then it is precisely about characterization, and about characters, that one must speak. The pleasure that this composer takes in inventing memorable musical figures is palpable in every one of her works, no less than her love for double entendre which is already evident in her choice of titles. The works gain an elemental vitality and a musicianly tidiness: „delightedly“ is a frequently recurring performance instruction in her scores. It is far more than a mere prescription for the performers; rather, it conveys something about her music’s basic attitude: there is a defining degree of joie de vivre and worldliness. 


1. GIROMANiACO (2013/2015) 13:18
  for Ensemble  
  Ensemble Modern, conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer  
2. hineidunke (2012) 06:35
  for String Quartet and Glasses  
  Armida Quartett, Birke J. Bertelsmeier (Glasses)  
3. Quartettstück (2008) 11:44
  for String Quartet  
  Armida Quartett  
4. folklich (2012)  
  for Ensemble  
  Ensemble Modern, conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer  
5. WhirliGigue (2012) 11:03
  for Flute solo  
  Ivana Ternay  
  Amorette I und II (2014/2015)  
  for four Pianists and two Pianos  
  Birke J. Bertelsmeier, Lukas Maria Kuen, Julian Riem, Paul Rivinius  
6. Amorette I 08:30
7. Amorette II 07:49
8. Zimzum (2015) 07:54
  for Symphony Orchestra  
  Bamberg Symphony,
conductor: Christoph Eschenbach
  Total length: 75:20

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