In the same way that we couldn’t imagine our current lives six weeks ago, it is hard for us to now imagine what our lives will be like in six weeks’ time, at the end of May. And then in summer, and autumn. How can you make plans?!

The planning for next season was already complete with a tour until summer 2021. At the moment, all I can do is wait. There are many foreign trips in the calendar for which we cannot know if they can go ahead. For example, it was my intention to fly to Australia for six weeks in the summer and work with students at the ANAM, the Australian National Academy of Music. The project will, of course, probably no longer take place as there are no international flights and everyone who flies to Australia has to undergo fourteen days of quarantine.

I honestly don’t know what will happen. What I miss the most, however, is playing with others. I am not a natural soloist. I can certainly work well alone from home, but I have no desire to play viola alone indefinitely. I find that a bit saddening.