Fotos: Rui Camilo


Selected Works


EXHALE STARDUST for Ensemble asamisimasa
commissioned by Festivals Acht Brücken, premiere: Ultima Festival Oslo, September 2021

New work for Ensemble LUX:NM
premiere: Ultraschall Berlin, January 2022

New Work for 2 electric guitars
forduo AAA---AAA

New work for 9 keyboards
commissioned by Ensemble Mosaik, premiere: CTM Festival Berlin, February 2022

New work for saxophone, violoncello, electric guitar and video
commissioned by Ensemble Phace, premiere: Vienna, April 2022

New work for Staatsorchester Stuttgart
premiere: Staatsoper Stuttgart, June 2022



SWEET DREAMS for large ensemble (2019)
commissioned by Klangforum Wien

BLACK MOON LILITH for symphony orchestra (2019)
commissioned by HRT Runkdfunkorchesters / Musikbiennale Zagreb

CASE WHITE for large ensemble (2018)
commissioned by Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik

The Rape of Rainbow for piccolo, trombone and ensemble (2012)
commissioned by Ensemble Reconsil

Dominosa Octarine for flute and ensemble (2009)
commissioned by Ensemble Zeitfluss Graz

Dominosa FF00FF for ensemble (2008)
commissioned by Cantus Ansambl / Gaudeamus Muziekweek

Phantom no.3 for symphony orchestra (2004)
commissioned by Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra


SOLO | CHAMVER MUSIC (for 2-8 players)

Baby Magnify / Lilith’s New Toy for ensemble (2017)
commissioned by Riot Ensemble

it bangs, it melts, it burns, it grows, it… for live luminoacoustic/solar panels and live electronics (2017)
commissioned by Festivals Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka

CASE BLACK for ensemble (2017)
commissioned by ORF/Jeunesse Austria

JINX! (of minor differences) for soprano, soprano saxophone and electronics (2016)
dedicated to Gordan Tudor and Kaoko Amano

Scarlet Song for percussionist and electronics (2016)
commissioned by Muzički salon SC / Kultura Promjene, dedicated to Kaja Farszky

FEAR.LESS.SONGS for violin, violoncello and piano (2016)
commissioned by Trio Korngold

ČAR for bass clarinet, violoncello and piano (2016)
dedicated to the Trio Catch

RELAX! You're going to die. (Nihilist summer) for electric guitar and amplified cello (2015)
commissioned by Festivals Novalis

The F SonG / dominosa VII for ensemble (2014)
commissioned by snim

The Shining One for traverso, harpsichord and violoncello (2013)
commissioned by Baromus Festival Rovinj

Orgy of References for soprano and live electronics (2012/13)
commissioned by aNOther festival Vienna

GOLDSPELL for saxophone quartet (2011)
commissioned by Papandopulo Quartet

Dominosa ADHD / Haute Couture for soprano and ensemble (2011)
commissioned by Platypus Ensemble

Red, White, End. for saxophone quartet and electronics (2009)

Jam Spookiku / Post Nubila Phoebus for alto saxophone, electronics and live visuals (2006)
dedicated to Gordan Tudor



853211 Dreamgirls!, short opera (2014)
commissioned by Musikbiennale Zagreb

Planet 8, music theatre (2013)
commissioned by Muzički salon SC / Kultura Promjene

Za tri lipe / The Threefairlady Opera (2007)
commissioned by Musikbiennale Zagreb