What we do not provide funding for

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation does not award grants or support the production of marketable CDs. It is also not possible to support internal university projects. Similarly, the foundation does not award any general institutional promotions since funds are allocated for a specific purpose. Likewise funding for translations or printing costs for dissertations is not possible. Project applications that have already been rejected cannot be resubmitted.


Information on making an application


Applications can only be made by the organizing institution. As a rule independent applications and applications from individuals are not possible. The applicant stated shall be the contact person for all content-related queries. The commercial manager stated must be an authorized signatory for the institution since, in the event of a grant-in-aid being issued, this person will have to sign the grant-in-aid agreement.

Grant-in-Aid Mode

Funding extends to a maximum of three consecutive years/periods (e.g. biennials). Each institution will only be entitled to support for one project per calendar year.

Grant-in-Aid Sum

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation shall not provide full funding of projects with the exception of composition commissions. Primarily, artistic costs shall be covered by the funding. The Board of Trustees takes into consideration how the requested grant-in-aid sum relates to participation from other institutions/organizers/foundations. These should participate in the project to a similar degree.

Deadline for Applications

The application deadline for projects running in the following year at the earliest is September 15th. These applications are decided upon by the end of each year. The application deadline for short-term projects planned to run in the second half of the year is March 1st. These are decided upon by the end of June. Online applications must have successfully been submitted and supplementary material must have arrived by post by the application deadline.


Submission of Applications

It is only possible to make an application if you declare you agree to our Terms for Grants-in-Aid Projects. Should your application be approved you will receive a grants-in-aid agreement on the basis of the Sponsorship Terms. Please read the Terms for Grants-in-Aid-Projects carefully before submitting an application.

Online Application

Applications can only be made online. For this please register in our application system. Complete the online form in full using complete sentences (not bullet points). You can save a copy of your application and continue working on it at a later date. It is only possible to submit the application once all obligatory fields have been completed. Please check your application in the PDF view. The application will be presented to the Board of Trustees in the way it appears here. You may enclose files with the application which you consider to be beneficial and necessary for the presentation of your project but these must only be in German or English. In addition to the application form and the detailed budget plan the first uploaded file will be presented to the Board of Trustees in preparation for the meeting. This document can comprise up to six further pages and should, depending on the type of project applied for, contain the following supplementary information: concert programs, short biographies, tables of contents for publications, participants and programs for symposia and such like. Should the file exceed six pages or fail to meet the formatting criteria it will not be presented to the Board of Trustees for the preparation of meeting.
The application must be submitted by the relevant deadline otherwise the application deadline shall be deemed missed. Once the application has been successfully submitted you will be sent an automatically generated email confirming your application has been received in our system. Non-submitted applications will be deleted by the system once the relevant deadline has passed.

Supplementary Material

When planning events that include the performance of works by young or lesser known composers or when issuing composition commissions sample scores and recordings on CD must be submitted before the application deadline. No postmark deadline, the material must be arrived in our office. Where possible, samples should relate to works with larger line-ups and the recorded works should correspond to the scores. If you are not sure whether it is necessary to submit material on the composers please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand. Original scores and CDs will be returned following the meeting of the Board of Trustees. All material must be clearly labeled with the application number, name of the applying institution and name of the applicant. Send this to the following address:

Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung
Wittelsbacherplatz 2
80333 Munich

No liability can be accepted for any supplementary material.


Procedure after the Deadline

Examination of Applications

Your application will be examined by the Munich branch when the deadline passed. Applications will be rejected if

- they fail to meet the purposes of the foundation
- they fail to meet the deadline for applications
- they do not include a detailed tabulated budget plan
- they do not include material on the composer submitted by post

Acknowledgement of Receipt

If your application meets the guideline criteria you will receive a written acknowledgement of receipt from us. Weeks may pass before the submitted application is examined and you receive a response. Please understand that due to the high number of applications information on your application or material cannot be given beforehand on the telephone or by email.

Changes to Project Planning

Should subsequent changes to project planning, project partners or funding arise, please inform us of these as swiftly as possible stating the application number, the applying institution and the name of the applicant.

Notice on the Decision of the Board of Trustees

The award of grants-in-aid is decided upon by an international Board of Trustees. The Board can decide to support only parts of the submitted project. The meetings are held in November and in May/June. Notice of their decision will be sent to you in writing. It can also take several weeks before you are informed of their decision. Since no information is given beforehand please refrain from making inquiries by telephone or email.


Questions on Applications

Should you have any further questions about your application please contact: Isabel Berkenbrink( | +49 / 89 / 636 332 02) and Jennifer Beigel ( | +49 / 89 / 636 322 38).


last update: January 2017