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Alex Paxton komponiert Alex Paxton komponiert Alex Paxton komponiert
Composer Prize Winner 2023

Alex Paxton


Portrait Albums

Music for Bosch People (April 2021). Birmingham record Company/ NMC

iLolli-pop (September 2022). nonclassical

Happy Music for Orchestra (April 2023). Delphian

Album-Cover Music for Bosch People - Alex Paxton

Other Published Recordings

Levels of Affection. Composer’s Academy (2022). NMC

Dadd’s Fairies. Six Degrees of Separation (2021). NMC

Corncrack-Dreams. i hope this finds you well in these strange times (2021). Nonclassical

Sometimes Voices. Indigne De Nous (2021). Everest Records

Go-Play. Music for Piano. (2020). Twenty

TellSong (Jully 2019).  Listen Poney Records