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Daniele Ghisi Daniele Ghisi Daniele Ghisi
Composer Prize Winner 2024

Daniele Ghisi


Were You There at the Beginning (2022)
for electronics and light

Black Rain (2022)
for female voice, ensemble and electronics

The White Box at the End of the Road (2021)
for string orchestra ( and electronics

Weltliche (2020)
for piano and electronics

Der Rockenhausen Almanach (2019-2020)
Site-specific carillon installation
52 episodes (once per week), each between 1 and 2 min. (except for #9, 30 min.)

Naissance d’un pont (2020-2022)
Musique-fiction for an immersive ambisonic setup
4 episodes (about 30’ each)

On that April morning she rose from her bed and called (2020)
for female voice, ensemble and electronics

Fathers (2020)
for two trumpets, piano, ensemble and electronics

Monade (2020)
5 channel video installation

Thou art so like a flower • thou art so like a vortex (2019)
for piccolo, soprano sax and piano

This is the game (2018)
for voice and electronics

The listeners (2018)
for orchestra

La Chute (2018)
Short film with electroacoustic music

La Chute (live) (2018)
Live version for string orchestra, video and electronics

La fabrique des monstres (2018)
a concept-album of music generated by deep-learning neural network algorithms trained on various datasets, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Electronic studies (2017-...)
for electronics
Collection of short electroacoustic pieces (work in progress)

I mille fuochi dell’universo (2016)
for ensemble and electronics

Orogenesis (2016)
Short film with electroacoustic music

269 steps away from you (269 steps away from me) (2016)
for bass clarinet, violin and electronics

Any Road (2015)
for orchestra, electronics and video

Mon corps parle tout seul (2015)
Electroacoustic installation and projection on water droplets

An Experiment with Time (2014-2015)
installation for 3 videos and electronics

An Experiment with Time (reloaded)
for amplified sextet, electronics, and video ("live version")

Come un lasciapassare (2014-2015)
for electronics and orchestra

Come di tempeste (2013)
for string quartet

Meccanica del quotidiano (2013)
for piano

Nostre (2012-2013)
for 8 voices and electronics

Visioni (2013)
for 23 loudspeakers

Danse macabre (2013)
Audiovisual installation in loop, with 3 synchronized HD video projections, 5.1 surround electronics

If your Majesty will only tell me the right way to begin (2012)
for two voices and orchestra

Itaca (2012)
for piano, three groups of children, ensemble and electronics

Próxima (2012)
for soprano and ensemble, lyrics by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Zweite Kleine Klavierstück (2012)
d’après Schönberg, op.19 n.2, for ensemble

Chansons (2011-2012)
for cello, piano and lo-fi electronics

Heran, dran, an (2011)
for soprano and ensemble

Concertino (2011)
for 15 musicians

abroad (2010–2011)
for female voice, ensemble and electronics

De Selby Compendium (2011)
for solo violin and ensemble

iCi (2010)
for electronics

Ecume (2010)
for three dancers, video and electronics (choreography by Annabel Gueredrat)

Leider ohne Worte (2009-2010)
for violin, cello and piano

La notte poco prima della foresta (2009)
chamber opera for an actor, mezzosoprano, barytone, ensemble and electronic, on a text by Bernard-Marie Koltès.

Comment pouvez-vous lire à présent? Il fait nuit (2009)
for alto sax and live electronic

Verso Snàm-dà-én (2008)
for oboe, cello and contrabass

Le carte di Pólya (2007)
for 11 instruments

Sei conversazioni inattuali (2006)
for female voice, clarinet, electronic and ensemble

Alba (2006)
for female voice, flute, cymbalum and accordion, on a poem by S. Beckett

Coriolis (2005)
for chamber orchestra

Per un secondo o un secolo (2005)
for female voice and clarinet, on four poems by Maurizio Cucchi

Daniele Ghisi