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“We burn for contemporary music.
With a critical eye and open ears,
we shape sounds, take a stand and
address socially relevant issues.“


The Frankfurt, Germany-based BROKEN FRAMES SYNDICATE plays contemporary music and brings holistic concert experiences to the stage. The ten of us show alternatives to the usual and stand up for the critical examination of socially relevant topics.

They present current positions in young music and art and offer contemporary interpretations of key works from recent music history. Their productions often present a multidisciplinary view of non-musical themes.

They particularly enjoy working with young composers, with a focus on diversifying programmes and the classical concert business. The conceptual penetration of their programmes is important to them. They use music to tell stories, stimulate discourse, think outside the box and contribute to new convictions.

They are particularly keen to develop their own experimental formats in order to convey the topics they have chosen and their own values. 

In developing their formats, the ensemble frees itself from the outdated structures and rituals of the music business. As the classical music business all too often seems very museum-like, they want to rethink the "concert". Through conceptual discourse and a love of creative details in particular, they want to show their attitude as musicians and at the same time create musical experiences at the highest level.

Being part of BFS has been the most inspiring experience. Hard to describe what it means to see this little family hold on together after the academy and, thanks to the never ending creativity of a few leaders, develop into this ever growing young professional Ensemble... without loosing the spark that made us wanna do it in the first place. Kinda magic 💙

Lola Rubio - violin

“I first began working with this wonderful talented young ensemble in the spring of 2022. With honor they appointed me as their composer in residence which has been very inspiring for me. They are so open to adventure, in trying new things, weather written out or improvised, doesn't matter. They are open to doing it! 

I composed my work Jim Is Still Crowing for them. Together we premiered the work in Frankfurt and they did an amazing performance – very inspiring. 

and they are not only wonderful artists, but wonderful people aswell 

With this amazing ensemble I have been given hope and inspiration as a composer.

A great gift to me – forever greatful.“

Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Komponist

Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz über BROKEN FRAMES SYNDICATE

Founded in 2018 after our time at the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt, we now play in varying formations and regularly perform in concerts and at festivals in Germany and abroad. Recent invitations include Mixtur Festival in Barcelona, the Harvard Group for New Music residency, and Beethovenfest Bonn.


Lola Rubio – violin
William Overcash – violin
Laura Hovestadt – viola
Nathan Watts – cello

Katrin  Szamatulski  – flute
Moritz Schneidewendt – clarinet
Peng-Hui Wang – bassoon

Vitaliy Kyianytsia – piano
Yu-Ling Chiu – percussion
Lautaro Mura Fuentealba – conductor

To be awarded the EvS Ensemble Prize is a great honour and at the same time a confirmation of our past work. The fact that people outside our group also believe in us gives me courage. This has given us the opportunity to continue to work on ourselves and grow.

Over the last few years, the Syndicate has become my family. I'm incredibly grateful to be able to play with such amazing musicians and I'm delighted that we can take the next step thanks to this prize.

Katrin Szamatulski - Flöte / künstlerisches Leitungsteam