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Frames Percussion

The Frames Percussion ensemble from Barcelona is characterised by its unusual line-up. Eight percussionists and a sound director came together to form an ensemble in 2014. Since then, the ensemble musicians have been working closely with composers and expanding the repertoire for contemporary percussion ensembles. The ensemble is also responsible for the creation and interpretation of music theatre works.

The ensemble's repertoire includes stylistically influential standard works from the repertoire for percussion ensembles as well as world premieres by well-known composers such as Meriel Price, Yukiko Watanabe, Cathy van Eck, Ruud Roelofsen, Montserrat Lladó, Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela, Pablo Carrascosa, Luis Codera Puzo, Núria Giménez-Comas, Sirah Martínez, Alberto Bernal and Helena Cánovas. FRAMES is committed to working with up-and-coming young composers and giving them a stage for their works.

Frames Percussion 5

For someone who has seen FRAMES grow since its beginnings, there is something fascinating in how, as its unstoppable professional progress has unfolded, the project has not depersonalized but rather become more human, with exquisite attention to ethical work relationships and handling any music, musician, collaborator, and listener with care.

 Luis Codera Puzo, composer, performer and cultural manager 

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Frames Percussion dignifies new music: interpretative rigor, impeccable technique, artistic vision, and above all, a lot of curiosity.“ 

Santi Barguñó 

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Since its foundation in 2014, the ensemble has quickly developed into one of the most active groups for new music in southern Europe and gives over 25 concerts every season. The musicians regularly present their programmes at L'Auditori in Barcelona. FRAMES performs at festivals and venues throughout Spain and Europe, including the Mixtur Festival, Fundación Juan March, VANG Madrid, Festival Riverrun of Albi, Festival GREC, CNDM and others. The group played a crucial role in the creation of the concert series Difraccions (formerly known as OUT-SIDE). In 2022, FRAMES Percussion released their debut album with the recording of David Lang's The so-called laws of nature on the Neu Records label and their first EP Silenced by Elena Rykova on the Phonos Netlabel.

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Miquel Vich Vila  percussion, artistic director
Ruben Orio – percussion, production and artistic assistance 
Feliu Ribera Riera  percussion
Ferran Carceller Amorós  percussion
Sabela Castro Rodríguez  percussion
Daniel Munarriz Senosiain  percussion
Javier Delgado Pérez  percussion
Núria Carbó Vives  percussion
Itziar Viloria Céspedes  live-electronics

We are delighted that FRAMES percussion has been awarded by the Ernst von Siemens Foundation. Very grateful for the recognition of all the work done over the years. Because all the effort put into being present in the Spanish music scene comes from a complete love for art and for believing in its power of social transformation.  

 Ruben Orio  percussionist 

Frames Percussion 7

The Ernst von Siemens Ensemble Prize is a huge recognition – not only for us, but for all the people that has been supporting us since the beginning and all the people who worked so hard before we began. We want to acknowledge all the musicians, technicians, cultural managers, curators, composers, and music lovers in general who have helped develop a contemporary music scene in Spain – an in Barcelona in particular – so our job could be a little easier. Now it is our responsibility to try to reach a little bit further. And we feel that we are up to the task.

Miquel Vich Vila percussion / artistic director