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Excerpt from the Statutes of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, Zug/Switzerland

Article 2


The Foundation shall directly and exclusively pursue nonprofit-making purposes.

The Foundation's purpose resides in the promotion of the arts, and in particular in

a) the training and advanced instruction of young artists in the field of music through, among other things, the provision of fundings to institutions and individuals active in the field of music, but with the express stipulation that the funds provided be used exclusively for the stated purposes;

b) the exchange of ideas between Swiss, German and other musicians or musicologists;

c) the conferment of awards upon composers, performing musicians or musical scholars currently producing noteworthy achievements in their chosen field of endeavour insofar as the award promotes their artistic activities and directs valuable works of art to the attention of the general public. Such music prizes shall be awarded under the name

Ernst von Siemens Music Prize

The fundings mentioned under items a) and c) above must not exceed an appropriate limit in each individual case and must stand in a balanced proportion to each other on average over the years.