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Ukraine Aid Ukraine Aid

Ukraine Aid

300.000 € to Ukrainian Musicians and Music Projects

The war in Ukraine also has severe consequences for musicians and music makers. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is therefore committed to helping musicians in need and supports a number of projects dedicated to musical life in Ukraine. This includes on-site assistance, but of course also the opportunity to work and perform outside Ukraine. The foundation has provided a total of 300,000 euros and is involved in the following initiatives.


Music Project Fund Ukraine

in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut and Culture Connects e.V.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many outstanding Ukrainian musicians have had to flee to countries like Germany. Many of them are now trying to continue their artistic activities, have re-established their networks in Ukraine and organized concerts. In doing this, they also promote the visibility of the Ukrainian musical landscape in Germany. This commitment is to be further supported.

For this purpose, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and the Goethe-Institut jointly established the Music Project Fund Ukraine. It supports music projects organized by German institutions in cooperation with Ukrainian musicians and is implemented by the association Culture Connects e.V. in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. Currently, 12 projects can be supported with a total of 160,000 euros.

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Matching Portal for Cultural Workers and Funding Pot for Cultural Institutions

in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut and the international NGO Artists at Risk

Together with the international NGO Artists at Risk and supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the Goethe-Institut pools offers from cultural institutions in Germany that offer artistic residencies for hosting Ukrainian artists and cultural practitioners at risk.

The matching portal for cultural professionals is part of a comprehensive package of measures for which the Federal Foreign Office is providing funds from the 2022 supplementary budget to mitigate the consequences of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. 

Currently supported are Oleksandra Kopelyan, Myroslava Bukata and Marina Mateenko.

Funding Projects

Kyiv Contemporary Music Days 

Kyiv Contemporary Music Days is an educational and concert platform for classical contemporary music in Kiev, Ukraine. They organize festivals, concerts of chamber, orchestral and electroacoustic music, public lectures, master classes and workshops for both professional and general audiences. Kyiv Contemporary Music Days builds a community around contemporary music in Kyiv and creates new formats and opportunities for the education and professional realization of artists* in Ukraine and around the world. 

Among the projects supported are the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days in Berlin, which will take place in collaboration with ensemble mosaik and KNM Berlin. On June 10 and 11, 2023, ensemble mosaik will feature composers and musicians from Ukraine at the Acker Stadt Palast as part of its annual workshop festival UpToThree. The program includes works by Mykhailo Chedryk, Anton Koshelev, Boris Loginov, Adrian Mokanu, among others. 

KCMD Berlin will continue on July 1, 2023 at Villa Elisabeth with listening cities : kyiv. As part of the multimedia project, the ensemble KNM Berlin and KCMD, will present interviews, music, live and media performances. The day will end with the concert ...So They Grow Like Sunflowers by KNM Berlin and Kiev-based soloist Nazarii Stets (double bass), conducted by Stephan Winkler. The concert program includes solo and ensemble works by Rebecca Saunders, Clemens Gadenstätter, Kaija Saariaho, Anna Korsun, Anna Arkushyna, Anton Koshelev and Adrian Mocanu.


June 10&11, 2023, Acker Stadt Palast Berlin

July 1, 2023, Villa Elisabeth Berlin

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9th International Provincial Noise Festival for New Music 2023

Provinzlärm is an international festival for contemporary music and has been held every two years since 2007 in the Baltic Sea resort of Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein. The musical focus in 2023 will be on Ukraine, a country in which an extraordinarily diverse and lively music scene has developed since independence in 1991 and which has now been in a state of war since 24 February 2022. Its own traditions, interconnections and perspectives on contemporary composing, but also its Soviet-Russian heritage, and its gaze and orientation towards the West and the recognition of the autonomy of Ukrainian culture, are to be the focus of the upcoming Provincial Noise Festival and will be made visible in several concert programmes.

In order to support Ukrainian musicians and ensembles, especially now during the war in their country, it is particularly important to the festival this time to invite musicians from Ukraine and to give them the opportunity to continue and develop their work even in times of war and to present it to an audience. In addition to the Ensemble in Residence Ensemble Reflexion K, the Ensemble Senza Sforzando from Odessa and the two young performers of the Duo Rotkäppchen will perform at Provinzlärm 2023, which is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

February 24 – 26, 2023, St. Nicolai Church and Künstlerhaus, Eckernförde

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Festival: Widerstand der Klänge (Resistance of Sounds) –  New Music from Ukraine

With the 5-day festival Widerstand der Klänge (Resistance of Sounds), the In Situ Art Society presents a broad spectrum of Ukrainian contemporary classical music, starting with the composers of the "Kiev avant-garde" from the 1960s (Valentin Silvestrov, Leonid Hrabovsky) to the youngest generation (Emil Borisenko, *2002), including also the Kremenchuk-born Leo Ornstein (1895-2002). It is exciting to observe how the musical development over the years corresponded to the spirit of the times and how it also went its own way.

The programme was created in collaboration with the Russian-German singer Natalia Pschenitschnikova and the Ukrainian composer Maxim Kolomiiets. It includes chamber music and choral works, instrumental and vocal works as well as electro-acoustic music interpreted by Ensemble Musikfabrik and the Asasello Quartet as well as members of the Bonner Kammerchor with Ukrainian colleagues who had to leave their homeland - under the direction of Olga Prykhodko, Ukraine's leading choral conductor in the field of contemporary music.

April 12 – 16, 2023, Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena, Bonn

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